name                                 Dimitrios

surname                            Tzimeas

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Having a strong Physics background (B.Sc.), a M.Sc. on Computational Science and a PhD on Computer Science, Dr. Dimitrios Tzimeas is keen on the algorithmic design of complex and multidimensional problems. His PhD work was focused on the A.I. simulation of human creativity. In this research he applied Genetic Algorithm in order to find optima in a multicomplex landscape. In order to achieved this he moved to a novel GAs technique, the damped oscillator GAs, introducing the physical model of a damped oscillator in the GAs fitness function. Since 2014 he is an unremunerated Postdoc research member of the Astrophysics Spectroscopy team of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. During this research he developed ASTA software, an approach in analysis and process of astronomy data. The combination of long experience in Physics with a deep understanding in Computer Science makes him the key person of the team having the principal role of interpreting a real world problem into algorithmic design. His research work attached equally to Astrophysics, Computational Science and Artificial Intelligence/Computer Science assures that he has the skills to communicate with each individual member of this interdisciplinary team in a mutual language regardless scientific specialty.



2014 -    : National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece, Faculty of Physics 

Post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Physics, University of Athens. Field: Computational Astrophysics, Supervisor Professor Dr. Emm. Danezis. Creation of A.S.T.A. Software, a pioneering tool in multicomponent spectral analysis of Quasars and Hot Emission Stars.

2008: Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), Spain, Computer Science and Engineering Department

Visiting Lecturer at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain. Field: "Knowledge Management and Engineering". Lectures, laboratory classes, weekly papers, examinations and software development on contemporary topics of Cognitive Engineering.

2004 – 2007University College Dublin, Ireland, Faculty of Science/Department of Computer Science

Laboratory Demonstrator at the Dept. Of Computer Science and Informatics, UCD. Main fields: (I) C ++ (II) Operator Systems (OS) (III) Hardware (IV) Object Oriented Programming (OOP).

2005 - 2006University College Dublin, Ireland, Faculty of Science/Department of Computer Science

Head of laboratory courses at the Dept. Of Engineering, UCD. Field: C programming.

2005Oyster Training Corporation, Dublin, Ireland

Programming Seminars for Oyster Training Corporation. Upgrading company knowledge on Object Oriented Programming.



2004 - 2007  University College of  Dublin, Ireland

PhD. in Computer Science

Thesis: “Application of GA-based Automatic Fitness Function Assignment for Music Composition”. Supervisor Professor Eleni Mangina.

2003 - 2004 University College of  Dublin, Ireland

 M. Sc.  in  Computational  Science

“Modeling the Performance of a Solar Cell”.

Main Fields: Numerical Analysis, Parallel Programming, Data Mining, Algorithmic Modeling, Applied Mathematics. 

1994 – 2002 National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece

 B.Sc in Physics

Title of Dissertation: Photovoltaic Array Parameters: An Analytical Approach,                                      Supervisor:  Emm. Tsilis                                      

2002 Association of Greek Physicists

Seminars in software applications and programming languages



  • C/C++

  • Conceptual Modeling Language (CML)

  • CommonKADS

  • Python

  • JAVA


  • Unified Modeling Language (UML)

  • Linux/Unix

  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

  • Arduino




Stathopoulos, D., E., Lyratzi, E., Danezis, Antoniou, A., Tzimeas, D., (2017), Investigating the reasons of variability in Si IV and C IV Broad Absorption Line troughs of Quasar, European Physical Journal D (EPJ D) special issue: EPJ D Special Issue: Physics of Ionized Gases (accepted)

Stathopoulos, D., Danezis, E. , Lyratzi, E., Antoniou, A., Tzimeas, D. (2015), «Multicomponent Analysis of UV Si IV and C IV Broad Absorption Troughs in BALQSO Spectra: The example of bJ01225+1339 and J02287+0002», Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy.

D Stathopoulos, E Danezis, E Lyratzi, A Antoniou, L Č Popović, D Tzimeas and M S Dimitrijević, (2014), "Studying the complex absorption profiles of Si IV in 21 HiBALQSO spectra", Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 565, conference 1.

Tzimeas D, Mangina E (2009) Dynamic Techniques for Genetic Algorithm-Based Music Creation Using a Critical-Damped-Oscillator Fitness Function, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, Fall 2009, Vol. 33, No. 3: 45–60.


Tzimeas D, Mangina E (2008) A Dynamic GA-Based Rhythm Generator.  In:  Oscar Castillo et al (Eds.), Trends in Intelligent Systems and Computer Engineering.NY :Springer US, p 57-73.


Tzimeas D, Mangina E (2007) The Critical Damped Oscillator Fitness Function in Music Creativity Problems. In: International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2007 (AI and Music workshop). Hyderabad, India, p 71-82.

Tzimeas D, Mangina E (2007) Experimenting dynamic fitness assignment for music creativity. In: Cardoso J (ed) 9th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (Doctoral Consortium). Funchal, Madeira-Portugal, p 23-28.

Tzimeas D, Mangina E (2007) A GA Tool for Computer Assisted Music Composition. In: International Computer Music Conference (ICMC 2007). Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tzimeas D, Mangina E (2007) SENEgaL: A GA System for Generating Rhythms of Western Africa. In: International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 2007. Newswood Limited International Association of Engineers, Hong Kong, p 25-30.

Tzimeas D, Mangina E (2006) Jazz Sebastian Bach: A GA System for Music Style Modification. In: International Conference on Systems and Networks Communications (ICSNC'06). IEEE Computer Society, French Polynesia, p 36-42.




A.S.T.A. v1.4: multicomponent spectral analysis software able to fit emission and absorption line spectra. The software is based on the GR multicomponent model produced by the Astronomical Spectroscopy Team of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Jazz Sebastian Bach: A Dynamic GA-based System for Music Style Modification.

SENEgaL: Music Educational Tool for Generating Rhythms of Western Africa.



English: Cambridge Lower Certificate (1990), TOEFL (2002)

Italian: Certificato di Universita di Padova (2003)

Spanish: Fluent speaker

Greek: Native speaker



Music: Discography, production, sound engineering, live performances concerts

Traveling authoring and photography: A multi-annual presence in the press and magazines with articles and photography from around the world.